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Britain's rental system is broken and renters can't get ahead. Tom Brake MP and the Lib Dems are trying to fix that. With our Renters’ Rights Bill we want to shift the power to people who rent and end unfair rip-off letting fees.

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The average letting fee is £355, many people have to pay over £500!

  • This is on top of high up-front costs like large deposits and advance rent
  • Some landlords even charge hundreds of pounds simply to renew or add a new name to a contract
  • These contracts are often only for six months
  • The costs mean some people can’t afford to rent a home of their own

Lettings fees are already banned in Scotland, where it has been shown to work successfully.

Lib Dems have put forward the Renters’ Rights Bill in Parliament, which would bring in a ban on fees. It is supported by politicians across the parties.

Will you add your voice to the campaign to ban rip-off letting fees?

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