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Most burglaries committed in Surrey during the Christmas period go unsolved by the police, new analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.
707 burglaries in Surrey went unsolved by police in the period between October and December last year.

Overall, 88.8% of burglary cases in Surrey recorded between October and December over the past five years went unsolved. This compares to 85.2% going unsolved during the rest of the year.

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The Tory plan to abolish District Councils in Surrey and create one monster council

Today the Tories who run Surrey County Council have announced their plans to try and abolish all the District Councils in Surrey and hoover them up into a single monster Surrey Council running everything from planning and refuse collection through to schools and roads- all from Kingston. Details are currently limited and no details of how such a change would be implemented were given, other than it is anticipated that all District Councils will cease to exist.

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