Responding to reports that ambulance trusts have begun asking patients with a stroke or a heart attack to get a lift to hospital with family and friends instead of waiting for an ambulance, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP said:

“The idea that someone suffering a stroke or heart attack should or even could find a friend, family member or neighbour to drive them to A&E because an ambulance isn’t available is appalling.

“It’s frankly shocking that it has come to this. Make no mistake that this is the result of an incompetent Conservative Government which has completely failed to get a handle on Omicron and which has run our health services into the ground for years and years.

“It is clear the Government must direct more funding into ambulance services in the long-run, but in the here and now Ministers must stop burying their heads in the sand and thrash out a rescue plan to address this NHS staffing crisis.

"The Health Secretary must make a statement tomorrow and come clean on the magnitude of the crisis facing our ambulances, hospitals and emergency care.”

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