East Surrey Lib Dems' Parliamentary Candidate - Alex Ehmann

Following the recent success of the Liberal Democrats in the European elections in East Surrey, Liberal Democrats are proud to announce that Alexander Ehmann has been selected as their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the forthcoming General Election.

Local Party Chairman, Chris Botten said: "Alex is an excellent candidate and will be the hard-working campaigner that East Surrey needs. As the Deputy Leader of a flagship Liberal Democrat Council and an established Councillor, Alex has the experience of fighting and winning for local residents.”

He added: “Alex is a parent of young children, a well-respected councillor and an expert communicator.  He has the breadth of experience that will enable him to serve the residents of East Surrey to the full”

Alex Ehmann said: “I’m absolutely delighted to have been selected as the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for East Surrey. For too long, the Conservative Party have taken this seat and its residents for granted”

On the subject of Brexit, he added: “The past three years of Brexit has done little more than expose many of the falsehoods of the referendum campaign and how poorly thought-through our departure from the EU was by the very people who argued for it.

"Brexit in any form will leave residents of East Surrey poorer, less secure and will diminish opportunity for us all. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is not only a vote to stop the disaster of Brexit, but also a for the vote to improve the NHS, get better education funding and to protect our environment from the climate emergency.

"Residents know that locally, the Liberal Democrats are the only credible challengers to the Conservatives. The momentum is with us and we will be fighting to win”

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