An open letter from Tandridge Liberal Democrats to the other parties setting out their programme for the coming Civic Year after the election led to no overall control.

Dear Fellow Tandridge Residents

After last Thursday’s local elections, the Liberal Democrat group is pleased to welcome its new councillors and as a group is the largest it has been in more than a decade.

 As the third largest party on Tandridge District Council, the Liberal Democrat Group of eleven councillors cannot run the Council, but we set out the grounds on which we will support other groups.
Recognising that residents have the right to expect a well run council, where groups co-operate in the community’s interests, the Lib Dems will not form any kind of coalition, but will support other parties if their programme ensures:
1. INFRASTRUCTURE - The Council must prioritise the delivery of much needed infrastructure to support the growing number of housing developments, and repair the deficit now
2. HOUSING - The Council must make an affordable housing/Council house building programme an urgent priority
3. BUSINESS - The Council must support smart business development and a robust business investment programme
4. GREEN PROTECTION - The Council develops a more explicit and detailed green agenda with environmental protection

These are the conditions for our support - this is what our District needs now and for the future.

For and on behalf of the Tandridge Liberal Democrat Group
Cllr Chris Botten, Group Leader

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