Tandridge Lib Dems Main Policies

homeDemand Affordable Housing for local people

 Your local Lib Dems believe with so many local people in desperate need of homes, the council must act to build affordable homes for local people to rent and to buy. We will seek sites to purchase and use the new council -owned development company which we championed to build homes for rent, shared ownership and affordable purchase. We will set up a council lettings agency to give private renters secure and decent accommodation. Do you believe this too?

villageDemand the Character of our towns and villages is protected

 Your local Lib Dems believe when development happens it must be in character with the local area and enhance our towns and villages. Development must not be too dense, must preserve our valued green spaces, and the homes should be built to a high quality. Do you believe this too?


parkingDemand Responsive and accountable Parking Enforcement

Your local Lib Dems believe that parking is a problem in many areas with some people getting away with parking selfishly, dangerously and illegally. We want local  control of parking enforcement and demand a better more responsive service that actually deals with local issues. Do you believe this too?


buildings near the sea made of various shapesDemand Infrastructure is delivered First

Your local Lib Dems believe that much of our local infrastructure like schools, doctors’ surgeries, drains and roads is crumbling. Before any more development happens, we demand that the infrastructure to support it is built first. Do you believe this too?


collaborationDemand Investment to support business and employment

Your local Lib Dems believe many businesses are not locating in Tandridge because of lack of office and business space and inadequate infrastructure. We want the council to take action to protect the businesses we have and encourage and support more. Do you believe this too?


insuranceDemand a Leisure and Wellbeing programme for all

Your local Lib Dems believe the council should take an active interest in sport and leisure to promote and improve facilities and activities and provide new leisure centres in Warlingham and in the Garden Village. It should work with local sports clubs to ensure they remain open and successful. Do you believe this too?