david leeDavid Lee is standing for re-election in the Whyteleafe ward election for District Council and for Whyteleafe Village CouncilDavid Lee is currently the district councillor for Whyteleafe and has been for 9 years and he is also a village councillor on Whyteleafe Village Council. He has lived in Caterham valley for 11 years.

Professionally, David is a Quality and Learning Coach. David says,“I think my professional experience helps me as a councillor because coaching people to be better and helping residents to have a better life is very similar.” He likes to walk his dog Sammy in his free time.

David thinks one of the most important issues in Whyteleafe is planning and over-development and is committed to working with local people to find a solution. More widely David will be campaigning hard to develop Council-owned and affordable homes for local people. He says, “I want to be a councillor because I want to give back to my community.

“I believe Local Lib Dem councilors work hard for their communities, getting things done and listening to local concerns and
standing up for residents and the services they need.”