annette evansAnnette Evans is standing for election for the Harestone ward on Tandridge District CouncilAnnette Evans lives in Harestone ward and has done for 23 years. She is a volunteer on the Neighbourhood plan which is close to her heart.

Professionally, Annette is a retired Fulfilment and IT manager and business analyst. Annette says, “I think my professional experience will help me as a councillor because I have experience of a wide range of business activities and experience of managing many different scenarios and people."

Annette thinks one of the most important issues in Harestone is development of the nearby town centre too much over-development in residential areas and is committed to working with local people to find a solution. More widely Annette will be campaigning hard defend the character of our towns and villages.

She says, “I want to be a councillor because I love the area that I live in and want to help make it a better place for families to thrive.

“I believe Local Lib Dem councilors work hard for their communities, getting things done and listening to local concerns and defending important services.”