Secret Text Messages show Surrey Tories shambles

IMG 0659Surrey's shambolic and secretive Tories  has been accused  of agreeing a "sweetheart deal" with Tory Ministers to ensure the Conservative-controlled council dropped plans to raise council tax by up to 15% at today's PMQs. Text messages have been discovered between the Tory leader Hodge and the local government minister.

Tim Farron tweeted after seeing the texts "It might not be a sweetheart deal but it looks like a secret one. We have a social care crisis & every council now must have the same offer"

Lib Dems call on Surrey MPs to back cross-party care plan

norman lamb 2504879bLiberal Democrats in Surrey have written to the county's 11 Conservative Members of Parliament, asking them to back a cross party initiative on the future of social care and how to fund it.

Lib Dems condemn Tory budget cuts of £123 MILLION as Surrey residents are asked to pay more for less

Liberal Democrats in Surrey today claimed victory as the Conservatives cancelled their planned 15% tax rise in the face of overwhelming opposition from Liberal Democrat councillors and Surrey residents.

Street lights go out across Tandridge

streetlightThe ruling Conservative administration agreed proposals that would see 44,000 lights switched off between midnight and 5am.Residents of Tandridge are rightly worried about safety as the lights go out across the district.

Lib Dems launch petition against 15% Tory council tax increase

tory tax bombshell 1Liberal Democrats on Surrey County Council have today launched a petition against the 15% increase in council tax being proposed by the Conservative administration, the largest in the country and 9 times the rate of inflation.