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P1010525 smBut Surrey Tories grant £400k to Guildford Art Gallery

There was outrage last week as the Tory administration of Surrey County Council gave a grant of £400,000 to an art gallery in Guildford that has £37million in the bank!

Hardworking Helen says, “Surrey needs to save money - we understand this. But to cut vital services like streetlights, opening hours of recycling centres and important support for the elderly whilst giving money away to profitable organisations is stupid.”

She continues, “There seems to be no plan to save money and protect people”
Chris Botten, County Councillor says, “I asked the Tory administration for their plan of their cuts and they simply don’t have one. They are cutting on the hoof!”
Helen is worried- she says, “Chipping away at services doesn’t mean the need goes away, it just moves somewhere else. There is a severe lack of communication between Tory-run Surrey and Tory-run Tandridge. Many of the cuts Surrey makes will have to be cleared up by Tandridge. Either way, we tax payers will foot the bill”

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