In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

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David Lee EU sm croppedDavid Lee was born in Horley, and has lived in East Surrey all his life with the exception of times when he lived overseas, either studying as part of the ERASMUS scheme in Germany or, working in Mexico and Japan.

David now lives in Caterham with his partner and dog and works in Kingswood, training people for an investment company. David is also a Village and District Councillor in Whyteleafe and, more recently, was elected County Councillor for Caterham Valley, winning the seat from the Conservatives.

David says “I want to be elected the MP for the area in which I grew up. So many people tell me they don’t feel they are currently represented by our MP. They tell me they feel cut off from him, with limited surgeries only in Horley and Oxted and poor response to their concerns. I want to represent everyone, to be accessible to them and to help resolve their issues.”

Second Referendum

David says, “Whilst Brexit will be a major issue in this election, I want to be clear on where I and my party stand. We accept the decision made by the British people, however, whist people have voted on the departure, no one voted on the destination.”

Sam Gyimah himself said that leaving the EU will be a big blow to britain's finances - “Serious consequences for people's jobs and economic growth."

Once a deal is done, the Lib Dems believe that the UK should have a second referendum where people can make a decision whether to accept the deal done, or to remain. David says, “We cannot blindly stumble into Brexit at any cost. People must know what it means and then have their say.”

East Surrey faces huge cuts to Education

Between now and 2019/20 the proposed funding model by the Conservatives will mean a cut in real terms of almost £3.8million per year. This is on average a cut of £439 per pupil or the equivalent of 108 teachers out of our schools. David says, “A concerned resident this week shared with me minutes of a PTA meeting at a local school which says “with cuts that all schools are facing, it will assist the school in whatever items it needs for the children”. I believe education is a right for all children. We should be funding it properly and not through cake bakes and school discos.”

Social Care and the NHS

The health of our residents and the proper funding of health and social care is vital. Whist it is clear our hospitals are struggling, this is compounded by the issues within social care. A fully functioning care sector means the freeing-up of beds in hospitals. The issue is, the government has cut funds available to the providers of social care. Here, in East Surrey, this is Surrey County Council. Sam Gyimah voted for a 24% cut in funding of local government last February.

The Liberal Democrats are proposing a 1p increase in Income Tax, which would raise £6 billion, to properly fund the NHS and social care.

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