In the next five years, Britain needs Liberal voices standing up for our place in Europe, for our civil liberties, for human rights and for an open, tolerant and united Britain.

Will you be part of what comes next and join us today?

David Nickols is standing to represent the people of Godstone at Tandridge District Council in the May election.

David and his wife Gail were married in 1988 and have lived in Tandridge District since 2001, where they have brought up their three (now adult) children. David is a chartered civil engineer, with a degree in Engineering from Cambridge (1981). In his professional life he focuses on bringing clean drinking water and renewable electricity to people and communities around the world. He serves as Trustee and Treasurer of an archaeological charity working in Jordan, and also as Chairman/Treasurer of both the Weald Lawn Tennis League and the Dormansland Lawn Tennis Club."

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