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kerry Mansfield Annes walk 500Kerry Mansfield is standing to represent the people of Portley in the upcoming district elections.

Kerry Mansfield lives within the ward and has done for 13 years. She is currently a member of Audley Primary School PTA.
Professionally Kerry is currently Foster Carer but was Call Centre Manager. She says that “I think my professional experience will help me as a councillor because I have many years of experiece in customer services and I have undergone extensive training in communication and listening skills. This means that I am proficient at comminicating effectvely with people from all walks of life and liasising on their behal”
In Kerry’s personal life she is married. She has 3 children hea mix of ages. When Kerry has free time there is nothing she like more than to attend local fairs and fetes with my family or attend family friendly leisure centres such as the British wildlife centre or Godstone farm. She also likes to garden, go horse riding and do DIY projects.
Kerry thinks one of the most important issues in Portley is future housing development plans and how to implement the supporting infrastructure for them and she is committed to working with local people to find a solution. She says “I want to be a councillor because I want to ensure that any future developments in our local area respect the character of our town and I want to ensure that very careful planning and forethought goes into the supporting infrastructure before development takes place” and promises ,“if elected, my commitment to the people of Portley is continuously work hard to represent the needs and wishes of the local residents and work with my fellow councillors to get things done in the best interests of our community.. “

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