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Make Giving Fun! Support Your Local Constituency Party And Win A Prize!!!

The objective of the SES LibDems Supporters Club is to raise funds for the three participating local Parties - Croydon, Tandridge and Reigate. Around
£2000 is raised in the way each year which goes towards the costs ofcontesting local and national elections
The Club raises the funds by selling shares to members. Each share costs £12 per annum and members can have as many shares as they like. Payment is normally made by Bankers Order either annually, half-yearly or monthly.
Each share number is entered in a monthly draw. There are two of £25 each month, plus a prize of £100 in May and November. After prizes have been distributed, the balance of the proceeds is shared every six months between the three participating local Parties in proportion to the membership from each area. Approximately one-third of the money raised goes as prizes and two-thirds to the constituencies.
Club Trustees are appointed by each of the participating local Parties. The draw is made by at least two Trustees at a Liberal Democrat social function or business meeting.
Prizes will be sent to the winners by the Organiser, who will send an annual report to each member with details of the funds raised and with a list of prize winners for the year.

If you are interested, please down load and complete this form 


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