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Surrey County HallDavid Hodge, county councillor for Warlingham Division (which includes Chelsham, Farleigh, Tatsfield, and Woldingham as well as Warlingham), has resigned.

He was our councillor and Leader of Surrey County Council while the road surfaces became covered in potholes, while the council’s financial situation deteriorated, while the library services were cut back, while the Tories proposed closing over half the county’s children’s centres, while the council sat on empty properties, while OFSTED twice rated the children services as “inadequate”, a rating shared by our Fire Service, and all this while the council’s back-office expenditure as a percentage of its spending is one of the highest in the country.

And now they are offering us another Tory as a replacement in the by-election on January 31st ? Surely now is the time for residents to tell the Tories what we think of their policies and of their incompetence. And now is the time for a fresh approach at County Hall, and the man who can provide it is Charles Lister.

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