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libdem stakeThe high visibility of the hard-working Lib Dem candidates in the north of the district paid dividends with three gains from Tories in Westway, Whyteleafe and Queens Park. Working all year round for their communities secured some significant majorities.

John Orrick (Queens Park) returns to the District Council having represented Caterham Hill on Surrey County Council for eight years until 2017. John secured 58.7% of the vote with a swing of 18.8% from the Conservatives.

After moving away from the district in 2009, due to work committments, former Whyteleafe councillor Jeffrey Gray was welcomed back by the village with 46.5% of the vote, ousting Tory Sakina Bradbury with a swing of 12.2%.

In Westway, traditionally a three-way marginal ward, George Dennis joined recent by-election winner Lib Dem Helen Rujbally with a swing of 8.4% from the Tories, securing 42.4% of the vote.

The Lib Dems were only defending one of the 14 seats in this election, which Simon Morrow successfully achieved in Warlingham East, Chelsham & Farleigh ward with a 2.6% increase of his majority.

Elsewhere in the district, the Conservatves lost six other seats from 2014 including Limpsfield ward, subject of a by-election win by Oxted & Lingfield Residents' Group in October 2016. This puts the Tories at a net loss of 9 seats since the last District Council elections in 2016, and their lowest seat tally since 1999 (18).

The composition of the council and results summary, 4 May 2018:

Party Seats +/- Votes
from 2014
Conservatives 22 -9 7,481 35.6% 10.7%
Liberal Democrats 9 +3 4,239 20.1% 1.9%
Independents 7 +3 3,161 15.0% 15.0%
OLRG 4 +3 3,655 17.4% 17.4%
Labour 0 0 1,832 8.7% 1.2%
UKIP 0 0 674 3.2% 22.4%

Full results can be viewed on the Tandridge District Council website

Warlingham East, Chelsham & Farleigh Ward

Candidate name Description Number of Votes
Nathan Adams The Conservative Party Candidate 590
Martin Haley UK Independence Party  141
Simon Morrow Liberal Democrats 833 Elected
Michael Snowden Labour Party  120

Spoilt papers: 1

Turnout: 39.5%

Whyteleafe Ward

Candidate name Description Number of Votes
Sakina Bradbury The Conservative Party Candidate 391
Grayson Clarke UK Independence Party 32
Jeffrey Gray  Liberal Democrats 483 Elected
Fatima Kamara  Labour Party 133

Spoilt papers: 5

Turnout: 34.3%

Westway Ward

Candidate name Description Number of Votes
Joe Branco  UK Independence Party 38
George Dennis  Liberal Democrats 485 Elected
Lucy McNally Labour Party 223
Eithne Webster The Conservative Party Candidate 398

Spoilt papers: 0

Turnout: 33.7%

Queens Park Ward

Candidate name Description Number of Votes
Graham Bailey UK Independence Party 42
John Orrick Liberal Democrats 755 Elected
Eddington Pindura Labour Party 74
Rod Stead The Conservative Party Candidate 415

Spoilt papers: 4

Turnout: 43.9%

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