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Jeff and David smIt’s really nice of the Conservative candidate Sakina Bradbury to dedicate a whole leaflet to me. The Story of 39 Lib Dem leaflets! It’s sweet of her to point out all the hard work we do, the thousands of doors we knock on all year round and the loads of leaflets. Gosh is it really 39!
There are though a few factual errors she may wish to correct.

Funding. Although I was parliamentary candidate I never got any money from the central party. The leaflets we deliver locally are paid for by local volunteers through local fund raising, raffles and donations. I am glad she thinks they are glossy- most of them like the one we delivered today are made by me by hand on an old yellow and black printer in Warlingham.
Job- it is true I am the County, District and Village councillor (not vice chair) for our area. I have now given up my full job and will work part time so I can dedicate more time to serving our community.
The Village Council- maybe Sakina’s memory of this is different to mine. She did not support me and in fact called an extraordinary meeting to try and stop me becoming a Village Councillor.
We are an election machine. This is faintly ridiculous. Together we have a small team of volunteers who knock on doors, make and deliver leaflets – some of the volunteers are in their 80s. If this is a machine maybe that’s how we do “mind reading” too.
Have I really stood for election 10 times, we maybe, but Sakina has missed the point, I am not standing this time round. Jeffrey Gray is standing to represent the people of whyteleafe – together we will deliver more leaflets, knock on more doors, and speak to more residents. We’re called hard-working for a reason.

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