T007 smhe Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that Jeffrey Gray will be contesting the Whyteleafe seat in the upcoming Tandridge District Council elections.

Jeff and David smIt’s really nice of the Conservative candidate Sakina Bradbury to dedicate a whole leaflet to me. The Story of 39 Lib Dem leaflets! It’s sweet of her to point out all the hard work we do, the thousands of doors we knock on all year round and the loads of leaflets. Gosh is it really 39!
There are though a few factual errors she may wish to correct.

P1010914 smThis is linked to the infrastructure issue which is often raised. There are too many parking pinch points in Whyteleafe. When it was decided to develop the land used for permit parking in Godstone Road, Cllr David Lee was quick to ensure that additional space would be found for permit holders, so as not to make the on-road parking situation any worse. Good work!

P1010987 smLocal Lib Dems support modern, user-friendly, environmentally-aware refuse and recycling facilities. We stand ready to support any good new proposal for our area. In the meantime, centres like the one in Bond Road Warlingham provide you with a vital and highly valued service. We got that message loud and clear from the survey responses. Until any better solution is rolled out, we will vigorously oppose any further cuts to the opening hours at Bond Road and elsewhere.

P1010943 smWe know that we need high quality, diverse development to meet housing and business needs. We strongly believe this should happen within a robust plan for the whole district. Too often in the past, development has been crammed into small areas north of the M25, eating up green spaces that allow places like Whyteleafe to breathe. Plans are now being formulated in other parts of the district that offer a more balanced approach. We will keep an eye on all the details, but we broadly support these plans.

Caterham Valley Councillors

David Lee

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David represents Whyteleafe ward on Tandridge District Council and Caterham Valley on Surrey County Council

Alun Jones

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Alun represents Valley ward on Tandridge District Council

Dorinda Cooper

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Dorinda represents Valley ward on Tandridge District Council

Lib Dem Councillors on Caterham Valley Parish Council

Peter Roberts
Alun Jones